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Tres Mali Scott

This topic is endorsed by The International Library of
Paranormal Psychology
by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S.,
Ph.D. (ABD), Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist 2nd & 3rd Award & on Experts
123 The Questions and Answers Encyclopedia

Paranormal Psychiatry
(PNP) is the diagnostic “seventh sense”. The number seven is the numerical
signature for “perfection”. PNP, Paranormal Psychiatry is also considered the
diagnosis of paranormal or supernatural phenomena that agitates or increases the
psychiatric nosology issues. Paranormal Psychology is
the study of cognition while a supernatural or paranormal event is occuring. The
word diagnosis comes from an ancient Greek word, meaning, “discernment”,
identifying the nature and cause of anything. Paranormal Psychiatry (PNP) is the
diagnosing of the nature or cause of the agitation or increase in
psychopathology or criminal behavior that is paranormally or supernaturally
based. The word diagnostic comes from Greek words, meaning, “apart split” and
“to learn, knowledge”.

Diagnostics are techniques or tools used to get
to the root of problems, or relating to diagnosis. The techniques used to
identify the nature of anything by process of elimination (ruling-out) or other
analytical methods, techniques, procedures, processes, testing or assessing are
considered diagnostic. Diagnostics is considered with “NOSOLOGY”, the branch of
medical science dealing with the classification of a disease, problem,
situation, condition, or category that is specific and can be or is defined by a
clear set of symptoms or criteria.

Nosology is like “the taxonomy” of
the medical field, using criteria to categorize diseases, problems, situations,
or conditions. The name given by nosology clearly defines the topic so that no
explaination is necessary. Like paranormal psychology, some psychiatric
conditions are agitated or increase during paranormal or supernatural activity
and fall under Paranormal Psychiatry (PNP). As discussed in the field of
Paranormal Psychology, terrorist and para-terrorist use criminal activity and
religion to cause reduced functioning and increase psychopathological behaviors.



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