Psychic Disturbances: The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

This topic is endorsed in part by The International Library of Paranormal Psychology by Tres Mali Scott 2nd & 3rd Place Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist Awarded Writer for Crisis Reporting.

Psychic Disturbances are non-pathological psychic phenomena that is subconscious and is a distraction of:

  • Thinking-mental processes.
  • Mood-lasting affective state of feeling shown through behaviors.
  • Behavior-an organisms actions and reactions, conscious and unconscious, overt and covert.
  • Activities-what an agent or organism can do.

Para-terrorist use different techniques of psychic disturbances. An example is the bombing in New York and the bombing in Oklahoma City. This caused many types of psychic disturbances:

  • the reduced number of emergency workers,
  • the countries financial system,
  • individual families, and
  • the feeling of security.


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3 responses to “Psychic Disturbances: The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

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