Amnesia: The Paranormal Psychological View–International Library of Paranormal Psychology (PNP)

Amnesia from The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

Mild Amnesia causes difficulty recognizing:

  • People
  • Places
  • Past Tasks

Mild Amnesia comes from:

  • Head Trauma
  • Physical Abuse
  • Acute & Chronic Stress Disorder

Mild Amnesia is situational and occurs during that appears a normal situation. For example: a person is in a stressful situation that is chronic (some work situations, family illness, death that cause chronic financial problems, changes in life that are considered major), and Mild Amnesia is a symptom of the stress.

Mild Amnesia is characterized by feeling distant from a person, place, or past task and difficulty recognizing during the distant feelings and is triggered by stress, but is not associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Dissociative Disorder.

Mild Amnesia and Mild Autism are more common since the Oklahoma City Bombing and the 911 New York Bombing, these are real precipitating events that caused:

  • Loss of emergency workers causing extreme societal STRESS!
  • Concern for the economy (the finical decision makers were killed in the New York Bombing.
  • Electronic records lost,
  • Increased Para-terrorism,
  • Falsification of Records and Identity theft, and
  • Reduced number of emergency workers and response time during emergencies.
  • Botnets on vital computer systems, for example shopping in the store & power goes out is a stressful situation can cause Mild Amnesia to occur. After this situation if returning  to work, school, or study, an individual may feel distant from the work or have difficulty remembering what was studied or done before.

The more meaningful an event the less likely Mild Amnesia will effect or affect the memory of the event.

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