Bioterrorist–International Library of Paranormal Psychology (PNP)

Tres Mali Scott

Bioterrorist is a person, group of people, organization, or governmental body that,  during peacetime (non-armed conflict), particpates in  terrorist or para-terrorist actions or techniques, to intemidate, produce casualities, debilitate, incapacitate, or weaken political powers and forces for political gain, by the use of agents that work on biological functioning, such as:

  • Pathogenic organisms,
  • agricultural pests,
  • toxins,
  • viruses,
  • bateria,
  • chemicals, or
  • disease causing agents

Many come from nature to incapacitate, kill, debilitate, intimidate, or weaken for political gain.

These acts are considered:

  1. Military Action or Techniques (Armed Conflict)
  2. Terrorist Action or techniques (Peacetime)
  3. Para-terrorist Action or Techniques (Peacetime)
  4. Guerilla Tactic (Armed Conflict or Peacetime)

Also see: Bioterrorism, Bio-warfare, Bio Para-terrorist, Bio Para-terrorism, Germ warfare, Germ terrorism, Germ terrorist, Germ para-terrorist, Germ para-terrorism, Biological warfare, Biological terrorism, Biological terrorist, Biological para-terrorism, or Biological para-terrorist,


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