Bio-warfare–International Library of Paranormal Psychology (PNP)

Tres Mali Scott

Bio-warfare is an act that during an Armed Conflict is considered a Military action or technique to produce casualities, debilitate, incapacitate, or weaken enemy powers and forces by the use of agents that work on biological functioning, such as:

  • Pathogenic organisms,
  • agricultural pests,
  • toxins,
  • viruses,
  • bateria,
  • chemicals, or
  • disease causing agents

Many come from nature to incapacitate, kill, debilitate, or weaken the enemy’s powers and forces.

These acts are considered:

  1. Military Action or Techniques (Armed Conflict)
  2. Terrorist Action or techniques (Peacetime)
  3. Para-terrorist Action or Techniques (Peacetime)
  4. Guerilla Tactic (Armed Conflict or Peacetime)

Also see: Bioterrorist, Bio Para-terrorist, Bio Para-terrorism, Germ warfare, Germ terrorism, Germ terrorist, Germ para-terrorist, Germ para-terrorism, Biological warfare, Biological terrorism, Biological terrorist, Biological para-terrorism, or Biological para-terrorist,

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