Demons: Catholic, Judeo-Christian, Christian Names of…–The International Library of Paranormal Psychology


A demon is literally a evil spirit that can injure or harm human or non-human. The following demons for from the Catholic, Judeo-Christian, and Christian belief systems:

  • Abbadon- meaning “destruction”
  • Baphomet- associated with Knights Templar
  • Beelzebub- meaning “master” or “lord” of the flies (flies representing evil)
  • Belial
  • Beliar
  • Bheliar
  • Mestema- a devil in the Book of Jubilees
  • Mephistopheles- Greek
  • Mephisto- Greek
  • Sammael
  • Samiel

The Red Door

To learn more about the Knights Templar:


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