Michael, Archangel (Saint)–The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

St. Michael vs The Devil by niwanotanuki

St. Michael the Archangel name means, “One who is like God”. He is also known as Chief Angel and Chief of all Angels. In the Holy Bible he is in the Books of Daniel and Apocalypse (Revelation).

St. Michael was studied by St. Thomas Aquinas and is thought to be an Angel of Judgement:

  • Mal’ach Adonai-Angel of the Lord.
  • Adonai Tzevaot-Lord of Hosts
  • Judge- Beings with Great Powers


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    • Paranormal Psychology

      cpu water cooling, thank you for the comment, I hope you continue to enjoy and learn from this blog. I updated it with some pictures, one of the comments suggested it. Thankx again, International Library of Paranormal Psychology

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