Psychic–The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

Psychic is pertaining to the mind, self, or soul: mental, distinguished from physical and psychological.

  • Psychol-pertaining to or designating those mental phenomena which are, or appear to be independent of normal sensory stimuli and cannot be fully explained in terms of the known data of experimental science, as clairvoyance, telepathy, and extra sensory perception (ESP).
  • Caused by, proceeding from, associated with, or attributed to a non-associated with or occult agency.
  • Sensitive to mental or occult phenomena.


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3 responses to “Psychic–The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

  1. Another good way to describe it is getting input from other sources besides the five senses…

    • Paranormal Psychology

      Thank you for your input, it may help others better understand.
      The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

  2. you’re welcome..

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