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How To Become A: Parapsychologist/Paranormal Psychologist/Psychical Researcher –The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

One of the Authors of Ethical Guidelines for the Investigation of Haunting Experiences, published in the Journal of the Society For Psychical Research, Ian S. Baker (Ciaran O’Keefe other author) has a page on how to become a “parapsychologist” go to:


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The Writing Standards for The International Library of Paranormal Psychology (TILPNP)

The International Library of Paranormal Psychology (TILPNP) has a standard of writing from publishing your researched articles.

The Content:

  • Your own original work
  • Plagiarism will result in the termination of your publishing relationship with TILPNP and TWOAA
  • No adult content
  • No hate content
  • No duplicate articles
  • When articles are from a topic listed with TILPNP, the content must be specific to the topic
  • These standards include TILPNP postings, publishings, and discussion boards
  • See your submissions to TILPNP as an article worthy of publication in a journal
  • Leave an email address for questions of any errors for correction and email notification of submission status
  • If questioned, responses for publication is 5 working days

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Disclaimer–The International Library of Paranormal Psychology

The articles published and the topics published do not reflect the opinion of TILPNP, TWOAA, or TMSC Consulting Services, LLC.

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